Profile Edit

Name: Sandra Abigal Rosette

Alias: Suku-Suku

Age: 17

Sandra (Suku-Suku) was born and raised in Arkansas. Even though she lived on a farm, the farm itself was fairly wealthy. Her grandfather was the founder of a beer brewery but ever since his death, the family stopped making the alcohol beverages and started a fruit market. Feeling crowded and insecure of her family, Suku-Suku left her home to go out in the world, as to wind up in Japan.

She has a thick, Southern accent and it's often hard to understand what she may be saying. She even has a hard time communicating in Japanese, but she knows enough to understand what people are saying.

Mostly seen wearing bows in her pigtails, she is not one to be messed with even though she looks innocent. She has an issue with Ronnie of the house-hold. It has been rumored that she secretly has a crush on him, but there has yet to be any evidence to prove that theory.

Trivia Edit

  • Suku-Suku talks about how she dislike her breasts yet she wears mostly tank-tops. This is the suspicion that she originally worked on a farm and is used to the heat outdoors.
  • The bows in Suku-Suku's hair always matches her tops.  Some on which, has a likeliness of Minnie Mouse.
  • Her father, Richard, and her mother, Melody, have a strong resemblence to Suku-Suku and Ronnie. This is just a coincidence though.
  • Her hair tends to change length at times, but because of the angles she is seen.
  • She speaks Japanese, English, and French.
  • Half of her family is from France, her father's side.
  • It is proven that she has a crush on Hazel.  It's also hinted that she has a crush on Ronnie as well.