Saturday Week

Saturday Week is a very good-tempered half demon/half angel.

Personal DetailsEdit

  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Demon/Angel
  • Likes: Saturdays, nice breezy days, his 6th other brothers(not going celery.
  • Dislikes: the evening, dirt, and scary things
  • Profile: #132 - Dentia
  • Debut: #134 - Its a bird, its a plane, its Satuday!!


Saturday's clothes, wings and hair are half black and half white. He has gold, shiny fingers.


Saturday is very shy and nice person. He acts very polite but usually he gets himself into troubles.


Saturday lived in Heaven and Hell. But didn't like living in either place soo he fell from the sky and landed in a forset.



Saturday falls on Ronnie.

Valentine Arc

During Ronnie's plan to steal Suku's heart, Saturday falls from the sky causing Ronnie to grab Suku's breasts and ruining everything and falling into the water.

After a while Saturday enters Character House where he meets Addison Elain Siree and Zyanya (which finds him very sexy).