Name: Ronnie Samuel Schwarts

Age: 19

Hair color: black

Eye color: green

Height: 5'10

Favorite color: green


Ronnie is the King of Frat boys. He parties harder then anyone else, and can out-drink anybody, anytime, anywhere. He got a tatoo of a sailboat one time when he got extremely drunk with some of his friends... They dared him to tattoo something onto his face... and. Thats where he got the sailboat. Truth is, his alcoholic tendencies got him kicked out of his dorm, and forced him to go search for another place to stay while he attends school. This is when he discoved the mansion.


Ronnie is an extremely laid back person. He rarely gets angry, and usually just "wings" everything and just lives how he wants.

He tends to be mistakened for a pervert (though he kinda is), but most the time... he's just in the wrong place at the wrong time! Especially when it comes to Suku- he is NEVER at the right spot at the right time when it comes to her.

He's very caring, and worries about his friends whenever they are in trouble, or feeling down. He often tries to cheer them up.

Ronnie gains peoples trust very easily due to his care free nature.

In general: he's a pretty happy guy (except when he is getting beaten up by hoards of girls or older brothers).

Also: Ronnie is almost late for EVERYTHING.

Love Life:

Ronnie is pretty experianced in this catagory. He's had lots of girlfriends from high school, through college... even though currently, he is single.

Most of his relationships were ever very deep, because he has a fear of commitment: he has had a few deeper ones, but those didn't end too well..

This is not known to the others in the mansion, but he has a fan club of admirers/stalkers/crushers at his university (mostly made up of sorority girls). He tries to avoid them, since they usually travel in mobs... so he never gets out of those without getting glomped.

He is currently single, and it is hinted that he has a crush on Suku... though it hasn't been confirmed. He is also hinted to have a crush on Miyuki... though that hasn't been confirmed either.


-His two best friends are currently Kyo and Out.

-Besides drinking/partying, Ronnie likes to go jogging and play basketball

-He secretly likes flowers and sweets

-Ronnie is scared to death of ghosts