'' Say Something about clowns... and I'll Hurt You''

Jaja is an experiment clown that ran away from the circus (yes very original-_-") who find any excuse to hurt people!

Jaja And Her scary Clown-ness

She will hunt you down, kill you, and then laugh on your grave!

Personal Details Edit

  • Name: Jaja
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Lab Experiment
  • Age: 13
  • Height: 5'1"
  • Weight: 55 Pounds
  • Likes: red, grey, pain, scaring little kids, making people feel bad, hurting people who make fun of her,the night, crowds, other worldly creatures, things that go bump in the night, lots of makeup, making people laugh by force
  • Hates: anything really colorful, her clothes, her eyes, clowns, her parents, cute things, humans and normal animals, furry things, people who laugh at her, people who will laugh easy, nice people, drugs, Guys, You
  • Profile: #336 - Jaja
  • Debut: #356 - Clowns (by neki)

Appearance Edit

She only wears one outfit because its attached to her skin. She has grassy green hair and a side ponytail that is held up be a puffy red scrunchy. She has extremely long dark green eye lashes and pink eyes. She wears lots of make up (being a clown) except the white face powder. She wears colorful light blue and pink poka-dot shirt that has a puffy red collar and lots of layers. She wears a red and green belt and neon green pants and orange flats. She sometimes wears a bright yellow necklace that she found when she started looking for a house.

Meki's Fear of CLOWNS!!

Personality Edit

Shes a clown but really hates it all very much. She is only staying a clown cause thats how she was born.She likes to fight people even though she is usually alot younger then her. She really hates her clothes but she is not allowed to change because it attached to her body in some off way. She has anger issues and can pick up a 4 ton truck all in one
hand. She hates to talk about her past and her parents, She usually says she could give a F*** Damn about her parents. Shes is usually really mean to people and gives off an angry vibe around her and that's when shes in a good mood...

History Edit

Not much is known about her past since she doesn't really like to talk about it (and if she did she would have to kill you), but all people know about her is that her clown parents wanted a child that was born as a clown. They went to this crazy clown scientist in their circus and asked him to make them the perfect clown child. He tried and it turned out to be a disaster and turned into the Jaja we all know now. She sent 13 years as a clown and finally got the chance to sneek away from the circus (she burned down the tent in the middle of an act).

Synopsis Edit

Him/Her Arc (in progress)


Trivia Edit

  • She hates you ^^