Celcius is an water demon traitor student. In another webcomic named "Enternal Infinity" she and her mentor Keitaro Takeshi are in debt to 1000 service to a heaven police force.




Name: Celcius

Age: 90

Gender: Female

Type: Water

Rank: foot soldier in training

Debut: #112



She debuts along with Keitaro in #112. The story starts with Keitaro in awe of the house, he is upset with Celcius (she chose the house) becuas ehe was afraid that he could not afford the rent. Finding out that its free, they enter. To their surprise, they discover that the residents were in the middle of a party, finding everyone drunk, they begin to doubt about living in the mansion. Addison changes their mind by showing her caring side. This story help Celcius learn to smile again for real after decades.

Party Arc

Celcius enters in the arc midway, although she does not show up in there during the arc


Valentine Arc

Celcius was shown several times in this arc. She was featured in one comic from Venom master in "Tonight Love is Rationed"

She appeared again in Meki's glue arc, where she attempts to inglue Zyanya, Riern Aino, Bella Jones, Daemon Vosneil, Ice, and Shadowtail, however, she forgets a large part of teh spell, casuing a huge explosion. Even though the characters were free, Suku-Suku, Ronnie Schwarts, Sprinkles, Pyro, Keitaro Takeshi and Clive the Meat Pie were glued as the result. This part of the arc was not continued however.