Begining Arc contains stories how most of Character House members arrive at Character House and start to live in it.


Need a Home?

How all begins Edit

At the very start Character House owner Addison Elain Siree puts notice at town in which she offers a home for everyone and anyone whoo needs a home.

First one who sees the notice is Riern Aino, who at that time was in search for a new place to stay.

A moments later Ice summons notice to where he is, in search for a home. He finds this place interesting and, after taking phone number, throws paper away.

Ice's throwed paper end up at Clive the Meat Pie's face, who was hoping to find a sollution to his homeless situation. Clive the Meat Pie calls and gets a room.

Zyanya who is chased, has decided to hide for some time and act as a normal (normal as harpy could be) roomer. At front door of Character House she meets Clive the Meat Pie.

Zyanya meets Clive

After loosing Zyanya, Clive the Meat Pie gets squished, but not long after miricalously gets in the house and sets in the The 5th room on the left.

Afer unconouncuiously Pyro has set something in the neiberhood on fire, he has to run and hide. His partner - floating ball - suggest to hide in nearby house, whis is Character House, not desserted as they in the begginig though.

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